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Questions to ask when Choosing Postacute Brain Injury Rehabilitation

When it comes to postacute brain injury rehabilitation, there are a number of rehabilitation programs and services from which to choose.  At TLC we encourage you to look at those options carefully and talk one-on-one with the staff of the programs you are reviewing.  To make sure the needs of the brain injured individual are being met, we encourage families to take the time to see what a program offers.  Ask questions of each program you are considering, and then compare the responses. If you need more information, or something is not clear, do not hesitate to call the program and ask again.  So do not be concerned about the amount of time it may take you to ask the questions. Selecting a program that meets your needs is an important decision. Monitoring services once they have begun is also important. Refer to this guide from time to time and reflect on how well the program staff is doing what they said they would do. Ask questions you did not consider during the selection process but which become important as rehabilitation progresses. Remember, information is power.

We realize that geography often plays a roll in a family’s decision when deciding where to send a loved one following a traumatic brain injury, but the rehab received will impact the patient and family for years to come.  NEVER Sacrifice quality for convenience!

As a way to get all your questions answered, download the checklist below of “Questions to Ask” to make sure you’re getting all your needs met.


Questions to ask