Singer, Norman19resized.jpgNorman Singer

Residential Manager

 Norman Singer is the Director & Senior Manager of Residential & Food Service Services at Transitional Learning Center, Galveston TX. He is responsible for the distribution of duties which apply to the Residential portion of the Therapeutic Program offered at the facility and Community-based living services. These duties include supervision, scheduling, preparation of shift assignments, and assigning specific job tasks to members of the residential staff and Food Service. Furthermore, he is the communication link between the Clinical Staff and the Residential Staff in order to ensure continuity in the implementation of the individual treatment plan for each patient served.

Norman makes sure all patients receive the very best of care and treated with the utmost respect while admitted to the residential program.

 Prior to joining Transitional Learning Center in 1997, he worked for Galveston I. S. D. Special Education Department for 9 years. He dedicated his time working with junior high and elementary at-risk students and behavior management.