Specializing solely in post-acute brain injury since 1982

Return to Work/School

work.jpgIndividuals who participate in this level of programming are independent with basic and intermediate levels of daily living, demonstrate the potential to live independently, and demonstrate skills required to pursue competitive employment or a full school load.  This level of programming provides

Advanced activities of daily living, such as healthy menu planning, preparation of stove top meals, budgeting, bill paying, check writing, and checkbook reconciliation,   community mobility such as use of public transportation or referral for driving evaluation.

  • school.jpgAerobic conditioning, physical strengthening, or work hardening appropriate to home, work, or school environment.
  • Body mechanics appropriate to work related physical requirements
  • Cognitive skills training for advanced problem-solving, verbal reasoning, and independent use of compensatory strategies (information organizers, prospective memory devices).
  • Advanced reading and writing appropriate to work or school related activities
  • Advanced social and interactional skills for work or school
  • Stress management and coping skill development
  • Addiction education and relapse prevention (as indicated)
  • Planning and execution of appropriate (healthy) independent leisure and recreational activities
  • Vocational evaluation, basic vocational skills training, job seeking skills (resume writing, interviewing skills), pre-job trials with coaching (locally)