Specializing solely in post-acute brain injury since 1982

Functional Independence

functional.jpgIndividuals who participate in this level of programming require skilled therapies to re-establish intermediate community integration skills. Individuals receiving services at this level of programming are generally independent with basic ADL's, no longer require close, 16-24 hour supervision, and are self preserving. Individuals may use adaptive equipment for mobility, and compensatory strategies for memory, sequencing, etc.. Generally, individuals receiving clinical services at this level of programming demonstrate the capability to achieve semi-independent living status in their discharge environment, and may have the potential to perform volunteer work or supported employment. This level of programming provides for the development of further refinement of intermediate living skills, including:

  • Intermediate level ADL training such as meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparation of simple cold and microwave meals. Budgeting and basic money transactions, clothing care and home maintenance, community mobility to specified destinations (bank, grocery store, etc.)
  • Cognitive skills training for memory, problem-solving, self awareness, realistic goals setting
  • Compensatory strategy development for memory and organization (journaling, "to do" lists, etc.)
  • Disability adjustment
  • Coping skills training (relaxation, stress management, etc as indicated)
  • Addiction education and relapse prevention (as indicated)
  • Aerobic conditioning, physical strengthening, flexibility targeted to supervised living and productive activities
  • Transfer, gait and balance training
  • Care and maintenance of equipment (wheelchair, brace, splint, etc)
  • Functional reading and writing
  • Intermediate to advanced social skills for relationship development and maintenance
  • Verbal reasoning, intermediate to advanced problem-solving
  • Leisure and recreation training that focuses on use of community resources, allowing the individual to choose and engage in activities commensurate with interests and functional strengths
  • Basic work-related skills for supported employment (if applicable)