Specializing solely in post-acute brain injury since 1982


Health Living and Working Environment for Residents and Staff

WestWay will provide a healthy living environment for residents and a healthy working environment for staff.  Residents will be safe, treated with dignity and respect, and health & wellness promoted through diet, program activities, and community involvement.  The needs and concerns of residents and families will be addressed in a timely fashion.  Staff will feel comfortable and safe in the workplace.  Team work and clear, positive communication will be promoted.  Staff will treat each other respectfully and be supportive of one another.  Concerns and needs of staff will be addressed in a timely fashion by administration.  Excellence will be recognized and input from staff encouraged.

Open and Transparent Program

WestWay will operate an open and transparent program with a clear mission and vision.  Communication will be open (i.e., no secrets, no hidden agendas), policies will be accessible, and all (residents and staff) will be treated in a fair and consistent manner.  Conduct of staff will be consistent across all shifts so as to provide a predictable environment for all (residents and staff).  Anyone (families, funding sources, accrediting/licensing agencies, guests, etc.) should be able to enter WestWay at any time and find the residents safe, well cared for and engaged, and the facility clean, well organized, and in compliance with all applicable standards.

Model Program (Evidenced-based; Best Practices)

WestWay will be seen as a growing and dynamic program, a model of other long-term care facilities serving adults with neurological injury.  WestWay will employ the most current, evidenced-based practices in order to provide the very best in care and programming to the residents.  Residents will receive individualized programming, one-to-one time with staff, access to the community, and opportunities to be productive (i.e., volunteer opportunities, activities at WestWay), and to be mentored.

Education, Training, and Opportunities for Growth and Development

Staff will receive initial and ongoing education and training in order to provide a safe environment and the very best care to all residents.  Staff will be competent in all areas of service delivery germane to their role at WestWay, and confident in their ability to provide care and programming to all residents.  In addition to basic competencies in CPR, NCI, and resident care and safety, staff will have opportunities to pursue additional training and certification as a brain injury specialist (CBIS), medication management and administration (CMA), and basic nursing care (CNA).  With additional training and certification will come opportunities for advancement within the WestWay organization.