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Welcome To WestWay

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The Transitional Learning Center (TLC) recognized years ago the growing need for long-term supported living for survivors of brain injury.  As a result, TideWay on Galveston Island was born. In an effort to meet the ever growing needs of West Texas and in keeping with the philosophy of TideWay, WestWay was created to address the long-term needs of individuals with acquired brain injury and their families wishing to keep loved ones closer to home.

TLC, again draws upon it’s over 30 years of experience as a PIONEER in the field of brain injury rehabilitation to create a program in which we would feel comfortable having our loved ones reside.  In doing so, we created an environment that replicates a normal home lifestyle for our residents with acquired or traumatic brain injury. 

In keeping with TLC’s mission of providing a truly community-integrated program, we developed a program that does not isolate our residents from the community; a program aimed at reducing medical recidivism and increasing functional skills while at the same time addresses the wishes of families who want their loved ones to be involved in the community as often as possible. WestWay is only minutes away from TLC, a major medical center in the University Medical Center and a myriad of other community activities.  Its central location provides our residents direct access to the community and the resources it has to offer every single day.