Specializing solely in post-acute brain injury since 1982


Brain injury rehabilitation is a challenging process that requires a high level of motivation and effort on the part of the patient.  Individuals with acquired brain injury experience a number of challenges due to pain, fatigue, frustration tolerance, cognitive and emotional difficulties and problems with awareness and acceptance of disability.

The neuropsychology department at TLC considers neuropsychological assessment crucial to the precise targeting of treatment focus for individuals with acquired brain injury.  Every patient admitted to TLC receives a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation that assesses intellectual, cognitive, and emotional strengths and weaknesses.  Based on the need of each individual patient, the neuropsychology department provides:

  • Cognitive rehabilitation therapy
  • Individual and group psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, and other psychological consequences of brain injury
  • Group treatment focused on stress management, disability adjustment, orientation and cognitive skills
  • Treatment for behavioral issues such as impulsivity, socially inappropriate comments, substance abuse, physical and verbal aggression