Specializing solely in post-acute brain injury since 1982

Aquatic Therapy

Pool.jpgAquatic therapy has proved to be very beneficial for individuals who suffered a debilitating stroke (CVA), brain injury or any other form of acquired brain injury.

Aquatic therapy is an appropriate and effective alternative to conventional land based treatment.  Statistics show that patients receiving aquatic rehabilitation regain functional range of motion and gait at a much more rapid rate than thru traditional treatment techniques for the neurologically impaired.  Aquatic rehabilitation takes advantage of the buoyancy and neutral warmth of the water to lessen the weight bearing status on the joints and maximizes functional movement of the extremities through fluid resistance, hydrostatic pressure or constant sensory input and specific gravity.

The benefits include increased strength and endurance, range of motion, gait and balance, which result in the decreased need for patient compensation.  Treatment is co-provided by our Physical, Occupational and Recreational Therapy departments.  Patients are placed in one of two groups depending on their level.  Low Level patients participate in Low Level Aquatics group focused on stretching and range of motion; High Level Aquatics group focus’ on active games and individual and team activities.

Our Physical Therapy staff takes great pride in taking a functional approach to therapy and helping patients achieve lost skills.  For individuals who suffer from neurological impairments as a result of a stroke or any other form of acquired brain injury, aquatic therapy in conjunction with traditional therapy approaches can have a tremendous impact on their outcome.