Specializing solely in post-acute brain injury since 1982

"All activities are designed and lead by trained individuals to ensure a safe yet fun event"


lama.jpgThe Therapeutic Recreation Department at TLC develops cognitive and social skills through leisure activities of interest to the patients.  The recreation staff encourages patients to rediscover hobbies, develop new interests, and explore recreational resources available to them.  The goal is to help individuals plan, organize and enjoy their leisure time: and at the same time, improve their social interaction skills.  The staff also arranges for trainees to attend local events such as:

  • Mardi Gras Galveston
  • Dickens on the Strand
  • Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo
  • Professional basketball and baseball games

In addition, our patients also participate in several camps throughout the year as well as the adaptive water sports event sponsored by Texas Adaptive Aquatics held at Moody Gardens.  The camps are located in the beautiful Hill Country near Brenham, Texas. Our patients and TideWay residents join other individuals who have suffered an acquired brain injury, or have other physical challenges. They participate in a number of outdoor activities including archery and kayaking, horseback riding, etc…  During the water sports event, our patients are able to engage in various water based activities such as kayaking, water skiing, sailing and jet skiing.

All activities are designed and lead by trained individuals to ensure a safe yet fun event.  Our goal for our patients is to provide an activity that engages them in a social activity where they can apply learned therapeutic strategies.