Specializing solely in post-acute brain injury since 1982


The Transitional Learning Center (TLC) operates four facilities and each location offers brain injured patients increased opportunities to engage in functional, real life activities, become more independent, and achieve acceptance in the community no matter what level the individual.  Our facilities are located in the hearts of their communities: with medical facilities only a short distance away along with grocery stores, banks and laundromats that provide "real life" experiences.

The majority of our patients live on campus while they are here at TLC in Galveston and Lubbock.  This is certainly true at our long term care facility, TideWay on Galveston Island and WestWay in Lubbock. Because our average length of stay is sixty to ninety days for post-acute rehab at TLC, we encourage patients to make their rooms as comfortable and personalized as possible. Again this is especially true at our long-term supported care facilities where the stay is indefinite. Therapeutic Assistants (TA’s) are on-duty 24 hours a day to help patients who need assistance. 

Every patient that enters our rehabilitation programs is afforded the opportunity to increase and improve their ability to live independently.  At TLC we have on-site transitional apartments that allow the individual the opportunity to practice independent living skills in a safe environment prior to the transition to home or planned discharge community. At our long-term facilities, TideWay & WestWay, frequent community outings and activities provide residents the opportunity to live as full and independent a life as possible. 

E-mail: info@tlcrehab.org 
Phone: 1-800-TLC-GROW / (409) 762-6661