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About our Lubbock Program


Established in 1982, The Transitional Learning Center (TLC) is a pioneer in the field of post acute brain injury rehabilitation.  TLC provides adults with acquired brain injury comprehensive, interdisciplinary services needed to re-enter the community. 

In April, 2008 TLC Lubbock opened its doors to the Lubbock and West Texas communities.  Drawing on nearly 30 years experience in the field of postacute brain injury rehabilitation, TLC Lubbock provides an important service to the Southwest.

Located in the heart of Lubbock’s medical district, TLC Lubbock is only a short distance from Covenant Lakeside Hospital and University Medical Center and a short distance away from beautiful Maxey Park.  TLC’s campus is located near a public transit route and is only a few blocks from grocery stores, banks and shopping.  TLC’s access to the community allows patients to practice important living skills in a real world, community context, better preparing them for re-entry into their respective discharge communities. 

Most patients participating in the TLC program live on-site, allowing the treatment team to observe behavior and provide skilled therapies throughout the therapy day.  Most patients receive 5-6 hours of skilled therapy per day delivered by a licensed/certified TLC staff member.  Therapeutic Assistants (TA’s) provide direct care and reinforce treatment team goals after completion of the therapy day and on weekends after the completion of therapeutic recreation outings. 

TLC provides a wide range of therapeutic services, based on patient needs.  With a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) doctor and nursing staff on campus daily, TLC can provide medical monitoring and care for patients who are medically complex.  For patients who are higher functioning physically and cognitively, and who have the potential to live independently and return to school or work, TLC provides on and off-site apartment trials and vocational rehabilitation services.