Specializing solely in post-acute brain injury since 1982

Program Philosophy

3367_1096_small.jpgThe TideWay program philosophy is based on several key theoretical foundations.  Developed as an alternative to the traditional medical or vocational models that generalize the program, TideWay’s program model emphasizes knowing the patient as well as his/her condition.  It provides practical guidelines to assist staff in developing programming to help adult survivors of brain injury reduce dependency on others, improve quality of life, and move toward true community integration.

The philosophy is heavily influenced by a number of research based initiatives or tenets.  The first tenet states that no two people, and therefore no two brain injuries are alike.  It demands that daily programming and clinical service be tailored to the individual.  In order to accomplish this, to truly individualize programming, those providing services must come to a thorough knowledge of the brain injured person being served.  Not only understanding the person’s strengths and limitations, but also their preferences, life experiences, influences, values and belief system.

The second tenet states that the person being served must be treated with dignity and respect.  We recognize the person first, not the disability resulting from brain injury.  We recognize that all of our patients at TideWay were productive members of society and very involved in their respective communities.  They had jobs, made plans for their future, had dreams for their children and confronted their daily struggles.  We consistently provide and expect social courtesies.  We talk with our patients, not about them; we knock before entering their rooms; we ask before providing and explain why in what we’re doing.  And as often as possible, we attempt to provide options and alternatives, and allow our residents to engage in making informed choices.


Respect, Dignity, Choice – critical components of the TideWay program model and the foundation for care at TideWay on Galveston Island.