Specializing solely in post-acute brain injury since 1982

Robert L. Moody Prize

The Robert L. Moody Prize recognizes distinguished contributions in brain injury rehabilitation and research.


The Moody Prize is given:

  • To honor and recognize individuals or a team of individuals who have made significant contributions in applied brain injury research and rehabilitation;
  • To increase national and international awareness of the need to expand research and improve treatment for persons who have experienced traumatic brain injury, stroke, and related central nervous system insults;
  • To provide incentives for future initiatives in clinical research, rehabilitation and support, and
  • To celebrate the distinguished contributions of Robert L. Moody in the field of brain injury rehabilitation and research.

The Moody Prize is administered by a board of governors and awards are considered by a panel of experts. Criteria to be considered include the total impact of a candidate’s work, achievements, and unique contributions as well as recognition by peers within the scientific or rehabilitation communities.

The annual award consists of a $10,000 honorarium, a citation and an inscribed statue presented at the Moody Prize dinner in Galveston.


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