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Focus on Brain Rehabilitation

TLC acquires three year CARF accreditation

(Galveston, TX) August 18, 2017 – The Transitional Learning Center (TLC) announced that both its Galveston and Lubbock, TX facilities has been accredited for a period of three years by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF International).

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A little TLC helps LCU volleyball player Malori Maddox recover from life-threatening brain bleed



When Malori Maddox first set foot inside the Transitional Learning Center facility, she couldn’t remember things from one moment to the next. 

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TLC to Expand Contiuum of Brain Injury Care

The Transitional Learning Center (TLC) at Lubbock is expanding its services to include Long-term Supported Living and respite services for individuals with acquired brain injury. 

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Long-term Case Management

Chronic Disease Management Following Discharge From Post-Acute TBI Rehabilitation – A Pilot Study


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Amino Acid Prevalence and Chronic Brain Injury

Association of Amino Acid Prevalence and Chronic Brain Injury

The Transitional Learning Center participates in Amino Acid study

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The Transitional Learning Center Awarded VA Assisted Living Pilot Program for Verterans with TBI Contract

The Transitional Learning Center (TLC), a pioneer in the field of post-acute rehabilitation services for people with brain injury is honored to have been chosen as a contracted provider with the Veterans Health Administration Assisted Living Pilot Program for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (VA AL-TBI Program).

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Chronic Disease Management following Discharge from Post-Acute TBI Rehab - A Pilot Study

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is considered a chronic health condition, not an event (Masel & DeWitt, 2010).

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Masel Named as BIAA Sheldon Berrol Award Recipient

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) recently announced Brent E. Masel, M.D. as the recipient of the Sheldon Berrol M.D. Clinical Service Award.

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The Transitional Learning Center at Lubbock Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

(Lubbock,TX) – The Transitional Learning Center (TLC) recently celebrated 5 years of serving survivors of acquired brain injury at their facility in Lubbock, TX on Thursday, May 16, 2013.

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Water Sports Festival Helps Boost Confidence for Paralympians

The Transitional Learning Center participates in the 22nd Annual Adaptive Water Sport Festival held at Moody Gardens.

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Project Victory gives veterans healing, hope

As they ease into pool therapy in Galveston, you'd never know two young war veterans were battling serious injuries.  That's only because you can't see the battle raging inside their brain.  That's where the sights and sounds, feelings and flashbacks live.  It's just part of the battle after a traumatic brain injury.  

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Brain Injury Survivor Takes New Steps

Sean Carter Hurt In Wreck Involving Alcohol

A man who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a wreck that involved alcohol is making steps toward recovery.

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21st annual Adaptive Water Sports Festival for Individuals with Special Needs

For Michael Pullman, the world was an adventure waiting to be explored.  As an Academic All-American at Emory University in 1993, he held the key to a promising future of opportunity and freedom—until he suffered a traumatic brain injury in an ATV accident at age 20.  Although doctors never thought he’d make it out alive, Pullman emerged from a coma nine months later, no longer able to walk or talk.

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While You Wait Project

Rationale/Problem statement

Due to funding issues, bed availability, etc., some patients referred to TLC for residential Post Acute Brain Injury Rehabilitation (PABIR) services are placed on a waiting list.  While at home, a nursing home, or other non-medical placement, patients can and do deteriorate functionally while waiting for skilled services (i.e., de-conditioning due to inactivity, adoption of maladaptive coping strategies, development of irregular activity schedules, etc.).

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Brain injury researchers get $33 million for study

under Research

The Department of Defense has awarded a consortium of Houston institutions a $33 million grant to investigate mild traumatic brain injury (Mild TBI), or concussion, the potential severity of which has long been underappreciated.

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