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Family Tours

We recognize that geography plays a tremendous role when deciding where to send a loved one when it comes to extended rehabilitation for acquired brain injury. At TLC we encourage all families if it all possible, to come tour the facilities at TLC when the options for postacute brain injury rehabilitation are being considered. Pictures and words can say a whole lot about a program, but to actually see where you are considering sending your loved one for comprehensive postacute brain injury rehabilitation is worth the time and effort.

Too often, families are having to make decisions on the fly and are burdened with the choice of where to send a loved one while still trying to grasp the tragic event that has been thrust upon them. As a result, families will not take the time to tour their options and make an informed choice and will often choose options that are closer to home instead of looking at the cognitive and physical needs of the patient; Essentially sacrificing "Quality for Convenience".

We at TLC would encourage families to tour the options available to them and make an informed choice. We would like to invite you and your family or group to come to Galveston, tour the facility, and talk one-on-one with our staff. Know what you're getting into!

If you or your group would like to arrange a trip to TLC, contact us at:

800-TLC-GROW, ext. 459 or